How the Touch 1K has improved my day to day!

How the Touch 1K has improved my day to day!

As one of the founders of SetaTec and the one behind the design I do have some bias towards the flashlight. With effort I try to put my bias aside I still feel that this is one of the top lights I've ever owned. I have three in my possession from the beginning. They have been very dependable with a couple things that I see can be improved (which will be a discussion for another day). Two of these lights are hanging on my backpack so that I always know where they are at and the other I transfer from my helmet to my Electric Mountain Board. 

Before creating SetaTec I had a handful of lights that were always dead from leaking batteries, dead batteries, misplaced and few other problems. Between the few I had there seemed to always be one that worked for the job but not very well. 

Even in creating the Touch 1K there was a handful of prototypes that I used that also had thier issues. At least in prototype  lights I was able to apply duct tape , aluminum foil, and some TLC to get them to work.

Finally having this light I always have a light available. The diffuser cap has been a great design aspect of the light that very few lights offer all in one. Some worry about losing this piece and so do I so I keep mine tied to my backpack and another on the light at all times. The new Mount Adapter has been another favorite of mine. It allows me to pull them out of my backpack and place them where I need light quickly. 

I have some high powered magnets that I have been working with to also allow for the Touch 1K to magnetize to any magnetic material for a quick holding solution. Especially for some of the HVAC and Metal Working industry (which is my background). 

Some of my main uses for the Touch 1K

The biggest help the Touch 1K has been for me is when I'm working in areas that don't have lights in them like my shed and rooms in my house when the breaker is off. The second largest benefit the Touch 1K brings to me is my daily travel to and from work where it is dark out when I head to work and often dark when heading home. 

How has the Touch 1K benefited you? feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.



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