The idea behind the Adapter

The idea behind the Adapter

Four years ago the idea that inspired the Touch 1K flashlight came when someone used zipties to hold on a light to a longboard to see at night.

Ultimately we focused on launching a light and now to get back to that original idea that inspired everything we are. We went down the path of designing mounts at the beginning and found that it was a very expensive path and felt that we were reinventing the wheel sort of speak. GoPro was getting popular at the time and their mounts were essentially doing most everything that we wanted to accomplish and there’s a whole slew of other mounts available that would do things that the GoPro mounts didn’t do.

This is where the adapter comes in. The adapter isn’t going to attach to any surface but is the key to accessing the world of mounting hardware already available. Camera mounts are targeted very well in holding a camera and pointing them where a photographer needs that shot.

If only we could point light or hold a light like a camera? That is essentially what the adapter is for. With the ¼-20 threaded hole provided on the adapter, the Touch 1K can now be held like a camera. Not all camera mounts are practical for a light but many of them work great for the job. We have been evaluating different mounts to then offer which some are GoPro targeted mounts. We will provide with all our mounts with a GoPro adapter that makes our mount kits a little different than other kits online.

Buy a GoPro mount anywhere else, you’ll also need to buy an adapter that connects to the ¼-20 to attach to our adapter for the Touch 1K. Then when you get an adapter for your GoPro mount to the camera stud they come with a too small of a hole that needs reamed out to fit on the GoPro mounts which we have modified already.

What I do with our adapters.

I have two adapters that I leave where they are most useful like my electric mountain board and my working area that is under lit. The Touch 1K resides in my backpack so that I have the light with me and when I ride my board I simply set it into the adapter and ride my board ziptie free and of course hands free, and when I spend time in my little shop, I set my Touch 1K in that adapter. Having multiple adapters has worked great for me but there are more areas that I need a light to be hands free so I have other mounts in those locations and then transfer the adapter at that point.

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