Action Camera mounts for a Flashlight.

In the beginning our vision behind SetaTec was to make a light that could attach to anything. We're accomplishing that in sort when we launched the Mount Adapter and also over the next few weeks we will be offering camera mounts that will then with the Mount Adapter allow you to attach the Touch 1K to areas that light is needed the most. 

The mounts that we will be offering are also available on other online retailers but ours will be kitted with a piece that will thread into the Mount Adapter which will differentiate a mount kit from us than other retailers. The mounts will work for your GoPro or other action cameras that you might already own. We felt that it would be beneficial for you our customers that way, so you wouldn't need to have two sets of mounts everywhere. 

I have found that I use a light far more than a camera anyways and why not use all those mounts for both! 

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