How does this fit into SetaTec? Flashlight to Electric boards!

How does this fit into SetaTec? Flashlight to Electric boards!
This is a question asked a couple times now and we want to address it. The Touch 1K is a flashlight and now Electric Skateboards, Why?
The idea for a light revolves around the idea to not having a light dedicated to one purpose like a bike light, or head lamp, etc. We are taking a 180° view, rather that have one light for each need we want to create and offer a series of lights that you carry and then place it on your helmet, bike skateboard, etc. This makes it possible to take less with you.
The design of the Touch 1K does this by packing three purposes into one light, battery backup, Lantern, and a flashlight. The Touch 1K also has a section in the middle designed specifically to have attachments that will then allow it to adapt to available mount that we intend to offer and rebrand. The mounts that we intend to offer will be mounts that will complement the use of a light or a lantern.
The electric board idea is on the same lines. I ride the train to work every day which leaves me immobile once I get to work and commuting from car to train platform and vis a versa needs a better solution than a bike or walking. The idea is to make that transition between transportation types more seamless just like the flashlight going from one location to another for a better transition.
The two complement each other even more when a light can be attached to the board for a night ride. This makes it so that there is no need to design a light specific to the board and have a light design that is much more useful than one that is stuck to an electric board. An electric board wouldn’t make a useful flashlight. I can see it now, someone grabbing their electric skateboard to see their way around a campsite or whatever.
We are working to make some aspects of our daily lives to be more seamless and building products around that idea. As we move forward we will improve and understand better where to improve our products in accomplishing their purpose.

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