Our First product was a Flashlight inspired by a longboard!

Our First product was a Flashlight inspired by a longboard!

The idea for SetaTec came one evening a few years ago when I saw someone riding a longboard with lights zip tied to them to see while boarding at night. I thought to myself, there are bike lights and head lamps, why not make a light for longboards but why stop there? Why not a light that attaches to ANYTHING! I was getting excited then but a little naive as to what it was going to take. Over the years the idea morphed. Making a mount system had proved to be very costly and difficult. We could’ve given up but we kept at it. Instead of looking at creating a new mount system we started to look at lights and what was available and tried several out which taught us what made a good portable light. That’s when we designed the Touch 1K (designing that better mouse trap sort of speak) while keeping in mind that we wanted it to be able adapt to mounting systems already available.

We haven’t forgotten our origins of the flashlight and that is the Longboard. We will be offering products in the area of longboards soon.

What is your favorite longboard design?

What size of wheels? 

How about electric Longboards?

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