Ride the train and leave yourself stranded

Ride the train and leave yourself stranded

I have been riding the train to work every day for years now and quite enjoy it but there is one big problem...
I’m stranded!! And held to the schedule of the train. Everywhere I want to go I have to walk or bum a ride. I love to get a snack at the nearest convenient store which I have to convince a coworker to take me to get something.
When I drive to work, I have the leisure to go where I want when I want which is a luxury of sorts. But then there is the huge problem that I face with traffic and the mounting stress of wanting to be doing something else but staring at the bumper of the person in front of me with all of his or her political preference stickers. So I take the train and get things done (like reading a book) while contemplating how to be more mobile.
I used to take a bike on the train but then there is the issue of storing it and a slew of other complications like flat tires, locking it up hoping that it will be there when I get back, and not being able to carry it with me into buildings.
What is the solution? I just picked up a mountain board and putting some powerful brush-less DC motors on it. This way I can have the mobility that I need when I take the train and also have something small enough to carry with me. Not only will it give me mobility but with style and speed! I will be using the board for not only to be mobile when I ride the train but when I’m in the city and need to get around and of course have lots of fun with it.

Some have asked how did we go from a Flashlight to Electric boards? We'll explain over the next few blog posts. 

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