Selling a home?

I am, and it is a lot of work. I’ve been up late finishing projects that I started quite a while ago and wrapping them all up. I’ve been able to live with a hole here and there but a possible buyer might be turned away by the holes and incomplete projects.

As mentioned, I have had many late nights finishing things up. There are many projects that light is hard to get too especially at night. Often I have to turn the power off to a room as I work on it and then stuck to working with a flashlight as my light.

Now that I have the Touch 1K, all these projects have become much easier. Many times I have to hold a flashlight in my mouth, position one at the area of work, or have someone hold a light for me. None of these methods work that great. Holding a light in the mouth works but not for every job and not for any extended amount of time. The positioning of a flashlight is difficult and frustrating because it always needs repositioning and difficult to get into just right spot. Someone else holding the light is easier for positioning but an extra hand is not always available. Besides all of that a flashlight usually provides a stream of light when many projects need a light that lights up the entire work area. The Touch 1K does this with the diffuser cap. I set the light down on the cap and go to work and have no need for holding it in my mouth, propping it, or that extra helper to hold it.

Craig M.

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