The Launch of the Touch 1K Adapter - What is next?

The Launch of the Touch 1K Adapter - What is next?

There was a lot of work behind getting this ready. The plan was to have it ready for black Friday but with family and Thanksgiving time didn’t permit to get it out on time. It is exciting to finally have it available where it is essentially gets the Touch 1K one step closer to our vision in having seamless transitioning of lights and other technologies (like mini electric vehicles/skateboards).  

I have two Touch 1K flashlights that I keep on me all the time, on me as in my backpack, and both now have the Adapter attached to them. This has been extremely helpful to me in that it does exactly what they were developed for, making it so that I don't have to hold the light to use it. It makes this flashlight the most useful light/s I have. 

The adapter is at its lowest price upon launch week (11/27/2017) but in a week or two from now, also in time for Christmas, we will have a battery replacement option for the Touch 1K. More details will come in our next blog post. The Touch 1K flashlight is currently sealed off to the battery for safety and warranty reasons but all that is about to change with this addition. 

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