The New Adapter that gives access to camera and GoPro mounts

The New Adapter that gives access to camera and GoPro mounts

I have been excited to make this available for a while now. Like since the beginning of designing the Touck 1K flashlight long.

The original plan was to launch the touch 1K with the adapter but tooling costs were too much while developing the flashlight. I had designed a 2 styles and modified them to reduce tooling costs but still not enough to be able to launch with the flashlight. I even looked at some make shift options using some pipe and tubing. Nothing seemed to get us quite where it was feasible.

It has taken us a while to get to this point for a couple reasons. First we were going to build the tools and were waiting to get our initial orders out for the Touch 1K and hurdles kept coming up that prevented us from having time and money to build the tools for the adapter.

A couple months ago I was doing some searches for other options and came across a clamp that is used for theater trusses. It was perfect! I bought a couple and found that it wasn’t quite perfect but could be with some modifications.

I really like when companies are open and honest about their products which helps me to trust them more. I am usually weary of the companies that put on this front like they have the perfect product and overstate the capabilities like it can solve all your problems when the product isn’t really any better than what is out there. In that light, full disclosure; the clamp is made overseas but the modifications were all done in my living room while watching a few movies and watching my kids. The Livingroom production is not overseas but in the U.S. (I will be sharing a video in the future of how these are made.) The clamp is durable and possibly slightly overkill but works sufficiently to move us closer to our vision of being able to attach the light hands free to many areas.

The clamp is made of extruded aluminum with a grade 5 swivel bolt to clamp the light. The modifications I do are to add an insert to the bottom of the clamp that is a ¼-20 thread used on camera mounts and then I replace the industrial looking wing nut with a nylon wing nut and add some rubber pads on the internal portion of the clamp for gripping the flashlight. Also the swivel bolt sticks out like a mile so I shorten that as well so it sticks out less. So these clamps you can say are made in china, Modified in the U.S.A or specifically my livingroom.

I purchased only 100 of these and should go fast so be sure to get yours early. I did end up keeping 2 for myself because they are awesome. 

Also feel free to ask questions!!

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