Use a light to see but left with no hands to work

Use a light to see but left with no hands to work

You are sitting down with your friends playing that new game that you had been waiting for to come out when a flash comes behind the TV and then nothing. You get out the flashlight to see what happened and you see it, a loose connection. To reach it you have to use your other hand that is not holding the light but you can’t lose sight of it in that tangled mess and every time you go to reach for it in that awkward position you lose sight of connection and then re position to try to get a better angle. You ask your buddy to hold the light but he can’t get it to the right spot so you try to prop the light up in the right position. It keeps falling over. Then the light is positioned in your mouth and finally it works after a few failures and lost valuable playing time.


We’ve all been there where you are trying to see something and propping a flashlight, putting it in your mouth or having someone hold the light so that you can see. Heck you might have even been that person holding the light and being told to aim the light in the right spot because you’re looking at something else or not sure where the light is needed.

When we first launched the Touch 1K flashlight we had plans to follow up with a mount system for the light followed with more products. Things didn’t go quite as we had planned but we have finally got to a solution to mounting that flashlight where you need it. The thicker mid section on the Touch 1K was designed for an adapter which is what we've finally got one.

There Touch 1K adapter has a 1/4-20 thread on it to mount to any camera mount with a rugged clamp to securely hold the light. The adapter clamp doesn't have to be fully removed to pull the light out so the adapter and the mount can be placed where you might need it and the the flashlight can be removed easily and carried with you. 

Of course there might be some loopholes in the story example because attachments might not be where you need them at that moment. If you have places that you will need a light, like a helmet or a work area, you can place a a mount and an adapter there and carry the light with you. When you need the light in a spot and need your hands free it is now possible with the adapter and the available mounting hardware available here.


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