We’re now offering our own battery.

We’re now offering our own battery.

We have been wanting to free the Touch 1K from the locked down battery since the launch and the key has been found. As mentioned in a previous blog post, we had to glue in the battery on the Touch 1K for safety reasons. Testing on a battery has been happening ever since to find a way around the safety issue of unlocking the battery.

Purposes and benefits that this battery fulfills:

  1. Increase the available power: Say you use the Touch 1K to charge your phone but left with no power to run the light when you need it, having an extra battery on hand allows you to finish the charge and keep going.
  2. Spare Tire for your light: Batteries don't last forever like tires don't for a car so when the battery dies then having another battery on hand to keep you going.
  3. Safer: Li-ion batteries have lots of power in them and can be dangerous if short circuited. The protection circuit on this battery shuts the battery off when short circuited and acts like a breaker on a house. It will auto reset when the short is removed
  4. Replaces other 18650 battery types: Since this battery is an 18650 it will work in any other device that uses this type of battery. Note: since this battery has a protection circuit on it, it does add to the length and some devices may not work with the added length.

Note: The Touch 1K is glued shut and to access the battery this blog post talks about a few ideas used to access the battery.



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