What Kind of Name is SetaTec?

What Kind of Name is SetaTec?

“SetaTec” what kind of name is that? We have heard it said “setta tech” most often and is supposed to be said “seeta tech” but we say it “say tah tech”. Well, what is setatec? We got the word seta from the name of the fibers of the feet of geckos. You might be thinking “SO WHAT” but there was a purpose to the name seta as well as throwing tec at the end. Tec is simply for technology. We didn’t plan of becoming just another flashlight company when we designed the Touch 1K flashlight. We had a much bigger picture in mind.. The fibers on geckos feet allow them to climb walls which is pretty cool if you ask me. (no I didn't ask) but it is these seta fibers that allow them to be able to have this ability.

SetaTec is metaphorical that we are focused in technology for the use in enhancing what we do in some way like seta fibers do for gecko’s. Whether it is an electric scooter or board to enhance our ability to get around, armor to protect us, flashlights to see better at night, or packs to carry more things, we want to innovate or sell it. We want the products that we sell or innovations that we innovate help us and you do things better whether it be a rural or urban life. 

With that being said, keep an eye out for some exciting new products that we will be offering. 

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Jan 03, 2018 • Posted by Mark Rizley

My on/off button is exposed, I suspect the button and the adapter that screws in to hold it loosened and it fell out. How can I get a replacement button and adapter (holder with the threads) so I can just screw it back into the light?

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