SetaTec's Vision

 We at SetaTec pride ourselves in the Touch 1K. In the uniqueness of the design and its practicality. Its a must have whether you are an outdoor enthusiast, fascinated by gadgets or a city dweller.


We started from an idea that came a few years ago when seeing some kids riding skateboards at night with lights zip tied to them. We thought about how lights were commonly mounted to bikes, but why not skateboards. It didn’t seem logical to make a light that just attached to skateboards, so the idea was to design something that attached to Anything!!!

This proved to be very difficult. We learned that in order to make something that attached to anything we needed money to build tools...several tools. This was unreachable for three guys on a budget. So, the idea came about that we should 3D print the mount designs and ran with that idea to Kickstarter.

After failing at our first crowdfunding attempt we took a step back and gathered what we learned from our failures. We studied flashlights, from the LED, to the battery and most importantly what made a quality light. Rather than redesigning a new mounting system that requires lots of money in tooling we decided to focus on the flashlight itself.  

With our findings, we developed the unique design of the Touch 1K. The Touch 1K is the perfect solution for hand held portable lighting. With a diffuser cap to turn the flashlight into a lantern, dual charger to charge your phone and a one of kind touch screen for ease of use. 

With what we learned we took another chance on the crowdfunding space on Indiegogo.     It was a success!!  We learned enough from our first failure to keep moving forward and not give up. With funding on Indiegogo it presented us with a new set of challenges like fulfilment, product quality, BATTERIES, and customer service. It took us about a year to really get our feet under ourselves to start the next steps of growing towards our vision for SetaTec.

It is not our plan to leave the Touch 1K as a standalone flashlight, we have plans on expanding even beyond just flashlights. Remember earlier it was stated that we wanted to make a flashlight that mounted to anything? The vision moving forward is along those lines. Being able to attach a light to many surfaces for different activities, offers the the ability to transition to different low light activities with ease. We are launching the Adapter Clamp to the Touch 1K to help achieve that goal. We are focusing on applying the same principle to travel as well. When we drive somewhere or ride public transportation we want to create and find solutions to be more mobile for different situations with ease. 


We are striving to provide products to better reach that goal. 

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